Golf World Magazine

Below is the cover from the October 10, 2003 edition of Golf World Magazine.  Golf World is the #1 golf news/weekly and is a Golf Digest Publication.  The article from page 9 is printed in the right-hand column.


Picture of Tiger Woods on the cover of Golf World Magazine


     For the second straight year at the United States Blind Golf Championship, Phil Blackwell of Mauldin, S.C. won the B1 Title.  The 57-year-old lefty, who lost his sight from optic nerve atrophy more than 30 years ago, shot 98-91 at the Oregon Golf Association Members   Course in Portland, Oregon, for an eight-shot win over Jim Baker.  Winners in the B2 and B3 vision-impaired divisions:  Mark Arnold and Bruce Hooper.


What a thrill to see the results of the National/Open tournament in such a prominent golf publication.  Once again the coaches were not mentioned and that always bothers me.  Neither Phil, Bruce, or myself would be in the Golf World article if not for our coaches.  Oh well, maybe I will demand a retraction!  Just kidding...


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