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Posted Thursday, August 10, 2023


The Memorial Matchplay Championship has concluded and it was an incredible success.  Four champions were crowned and thousands of dollars were raised in support of the tournament's charities!  A detailed summary will be posted soon.  For now, we have posted media links from the tournament, photos from the charity scramble and a few photos from the Award's Dinner.


Media Links from the 2023 Tournament


Wadsworth Radio June 22   WTAM 1100 Radio June 26   WCTV Pine Valley GC June 27   Wadsworth Radio June 30


Photos from the Award's Dinner


From left to right: Mayor Robin Laubaugh, Bill Saathoff & Sue Saathoff.     From left to right: Nate Cline, Jason Hogan & Brian Oglesbee.

The picture on the left honors Bill Saathoff who was instrumental in bringing the first Blind Golf Championship to Wadsworth in 2003.  Mayor Laubaugh presented Bill with a formal proclamation  from the City in recognition of his dedication to the charities of American Blind Golf.  The picture on the right features Nate Cline as he receives the 2023 American Blind Golf Coach of the Year Award.  Jason Hogan, the 2022 winner, along with Brian Oglesbee presented the trophy.


The link below will take you to a video of Jamie Steiner, Mark Arnold's daughter, who sang the Canadian National Anthem before dinner.  Jamie sang the anthem back in 2008 when the tournament took place at Westfield Country Club.  The video may take a couple minutes to load...

Canadian Anthem


Saluting our Champions


From left to right: Mayor Laubaugh, Coach Jason Hogan & B1Champion Brian Oglesbee     From left to right: Mayor Laubaugh, Coach Judy Hooper & B2 Champion Bruce Hooper     From left to right Mayor Laubaugh, Coach Steph Forrer & B3 Champion JoJo McCarron     From left to right: Mayor Laubaugh, Coach Steve Duff & Stableford Champion Rick Kush


In the finals of the B1 Sight Category, Brian Oglesbee and his coach Jason Hogan defeated Jack Hansen and his coach Russ Hansen 3 & 1.

In the finals of the B2 Sight Category, Bruce Hooper and his coach Judy Hooper defeated Britton Munoz and his coach John Ambrose 7 & 6.

In the finals of the B3 Sight Category, JoJo McCarron and his coach Steph Forrer defeated Kevin McBride and his coach Liz Tibando 2 & 1.


The Memorial Matchplay Committee would like to express their sincere appreciation to Tom Stugmyer for taking the photos of our 2023Champions.  The Committee would also like to thank Mayor Robin Laubaugh for taking the time to attend the Award's Dinner.


Photos from the "Fore" the Warrior Blind Golf Charity Scramble

During the scramble, teams had the opportunity to hit from the short tees on hole #8.  Each player had to wear an antique dress during the shot.  The links below will take you to the team photo for each player/coach & sponsor.  Photos are still being submitted and will be added soon  Enjoy...


Charlie Adams Team J. Cline

Mark Arnold Team Nutter Family

David Burnett Team Fox Construction

Jerry de Wever Team Lubecore LLC

Jack Hansen Team HomeVestors

Bruce Hooper Team Premier GMC

Tim Jackson Team Cline Family

Rick Kush Team Lubecore LLC

Kevin McBride Team Premier GMC

JoJo McCarron Team B&K Construction

Hugh Montgomery   Team Hamblen

Britton Munoz Team Wadsworth VFW

Brian Oglesbee Team Herman

Doug Penner Team Widmer

John Naples Team Fox Construction

Team Wadsworth American Legion


Special Thanks to all our Loyal Sponsors in 2023!


Logo of Pine Valley & link to the website

 Galaxy Restaurant     Comfort Inn & Suites Wadsworth     Premier GMC     House of LaRose     C.J. Dannemiller Company     Wadsworth Sons of American Legion


 Blue Heron     Wadsworth American Legion     Water Main Grill     Pine Valley Golf Club     Wounded Warrior Project



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Our Mission Statement

Through our unique talents as blind/visually impaired golfers

We strive to

"Motivate, Inspire & Serve"

all those who deal with the loss of sight


We are an official sanctioned tournament of 

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Thank you for visiting the home of inclusive blind/visually impaired golf in Ohio.  This page, as all of the pages of the site, have been constructed through the use of assistive technology.  We hope the site is accessible to those who depend on magnification and screen-reading software, while still remaining appealing to the general surfing public.


To view a summary of past events visit

Past Events Page



In Tribute to our Friend

In the spring of 2006 Denny lost his two year battle with cancer.  In his memory, the members of the Rittman Lions, along with the Blind Golfers, decided to honor him by naming the tournament the McCulloch Memorial Match Play Championships.  In 2010 we hosted the Ryder Cup of Blind/Visually Impaired Golf, The McCulloch Cup.  We returned to the match play format in 2011 and permanently renamed the tournament the "Memorial."  We look forward to hosting the Match Play championships for years to come!

Denny McCulloch Dedication Page


Picture of Denny McCulloch & his long time coach Art McKenzie



the Boys

Following a chance meeting between Tournament Director Mark Arnold and SGT Deven Schei and SGT Stetson Elliott during the 2011 American Blind Golf National Championship in San Antonio, these two inspiring men have become integral parts of the McCulloch Memorial.  They are responsible for our partnership with Wounded Warrior Project.  Our sincere hope is that they will continue to attend our event for years to come.

Thank you again my adopted sons,

Mark Arnold


Photo of Schei & Elliot in front of the Bill Arnold monument at Ridge Top GC

SGT Schei & SGT Elliott 

The picture on the left was taken at Ridge Top Golf Course prior to the start of the 2012 Championship.  Tournament Director Mark Arnold & Roger Cline wanted Schei & Elliott to play Ridge Top, the host of the very first Match Play Championship in 2005.  Having their pictures taken in front of Bill Arnold's monument was extra special.  SGT Arnold, Mark's father, was a WW II veteran that landed on the beaches of Normandy on the third day of the invasion.


A great time was had by all!


Scholarships & Donations to Date

As we begin the 2023 tournament, 70 Adaptive Technology Scholarships have been awarded!  Numerous other charities have benefitted, and will continue to benefit through the support of all American Blind Golf's incredible sponsors.  They include: Wounded Warrior Project, The Foundation Fighting Blindness, EOD Warrior Foundation, Building Homes for Heroes, The Greater Cleveland Fisher House, Local American Legion/VFW Initiatives and other sight related causes.  We are very pleased to announce that our total charitable contributions are now over the $350,000 mark since the inception of the tournament!


Pictured below are Mary Krumwiede & Austin Erne with Lion Dave Simpson

They were the initial  recipients in 2005

Picture of Mary, her parents and Lion Dave Simpson          Picture of Austin and Lion Dave Simpson



A Very Special Presentation

The picture on the left shows Bruce Hooper from San Antonio, Texas (on the left) and Rittman Lion Todd Mohler (on the right) as they presented the donation check to Joe Tait, long time radio voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers and close friend of Mr. Gordon Gund.  The picture on the right was taken at Westfield Country Club during the 2007 event.  From left to right are coach Steve Donaldson, player Brian MacLeod from Canada, Mr. Gordon Gund and tournament director Mark Arnold.  It was an honor to personally meet Mr. Gund the founder and CEO of the Foundation Fighting Blindness.


Photo of the donation check from the 2008 tournament          Photo from the 2007 Foundation Fighting Blindness charity auction


A Special Contribution

In 2008 Nathaniel Brantley was in desperate need of experimental iris replacement surgery that was not covered by his family's insurance.  The members of the Blind Golf Association, along with the Rittman Lions, donated $2,500 to be used towards the surgery.  Special thanks to the late Blind Golfer Dennis Smith and his wife Linda for their contribution in this regard.  They were the winners of the 50/50 Raffle at the Awards Ceremony and donated all $500 to the family.  Their demonstration of true Lionism will never be forgotten!  




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Thursday, August 10, 2023